Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you deliver?

We currently only deliver to the Los Angeles area, we can deliver ceramics nationwide, please email for more information 


How do you know these plants clean the air?

There is in-depth research carried out by NASA, the study is called 'Clean Air Study' Its results suggest that certain common indoor plants may provide a natural way of removing toxic agents such as benzeneformaldehyde and trichloroethylene from the air. There is also a fascinating talk by Kamal Meattle suggesting you can survive in a sealed container with these chosen plants due to their oxygen yield, see the packages section of our site to get your house set up.  


Nope, we take care of all the dirty work, your plant will come delivered, potted and with care instructions. So all you need to do it read the instructions and care for accordingly 

Do I have to pot the plant?


We can guide you as to what plant will suit your lifestyle and the lighting conditions in your home. You don't need a green thumb to look after these hand selected plants :) 

I have killed every plant I've ever bought, how are yours different?


We are here to help, we have a live chat at the bottom right of each page, if you prefer to email us and we endeavor to respond same day

If I have any queries or concerns who can I talk to?


Sure, if you'd like to send as a gift, please just make a note in the checkout, gift cards will be available soon

Can I send as a gift or buy a gift card?