About Us

We are John and Andy, neighbors and good friends living in DTLA. Having a shared appreciation for nature and healthy living we setup each of our lofts in Downtown Los Angeles for the purest air quality and optimum oxygen yield for each of our rooms. Feeling the benefits from this we encouraged family and friends to do the same, we felt more people should have this in their lives but we also appreciate how much hassle it is choosing, buying, transporting, potting and maintaining plants so we decided to make it easy for everyone.

The way we see it is, you won’t see the effects of healthy eating for one day but over a lifetime it will reap the benefits, having plants that remove harmful carcinogens and provide oxygen work in a similar way.

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The Research

Using data from NASA and insights from Kamal Meattle's TED talk we've curated the most air purifying, oxygen yielding plants for your home. We can help you configure your setup  for the most efficient health benefits just email us and we will find the best setup for you.



Our Mission Statement

We hope to provide fresh, purified air for a healthy life, we want to bring nature home for all our customers. 
We plan to be Carbon Neutral by 2019 and have a Carbon offset standard the following year.
We don’t see our customers as consumers, they are contributers to a healther, cleaner planet. 



Desert Cauctus

For any room

If you'd like to know what room is best for your plant, please see care instructions that come with your plant, see 'Product Details' or feel free to reach out and ask us, we are happy to guide and assist.


Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Healthy living

NASA's research has resulted in a list of best performing plants for air purification, we've used this list to influence our plant choice to ensure the most health benefits whilst keeping them easy on the eye.


Peace Lily

What we do

We carefully select plants for you, we prepare them with our tried and tested system to ensure a long, thriving life for your plant, then we deliver to you same day, its as easy as that.


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